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You are Not Your Instagram Bio

Everyone seems to be a founder and CEO.  Everyone seems to have some off the wall "Chief-something-or-another" on their business card these days. They're a networking mastermind, an entreprneur a social media expert or whatever the hell else is the trending topic of the day. I don't unerstand the obessions with the titles. It's as if we need a business card or an Instagram bio to validate our signficance in the world.  It's crazy. 

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9 Valuable Lessons I Learned About Business and Life from Playing Poker

I always say that I learned everything about life and business from playing poker. I spent almost 3 years on the felt as my primary source of income. It was definitely a grind, and I was clearly not good enough to play professionally long term. Poker has taken much of a back seat in my life but the lessons I learned at the table will stay with me forever.

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Make it a Point to Never Reach Your Goals

It’s easy to get fired up about a new project. It’s fun buying new shoes to go along with your new gym membership, or designing a logo for a new brand you’re launching. But what happens when the fun wears off?

Staying motivated can be tough, especially when there can be so many distractions keeping us from our outcomes. What’s the best way to stay on top of your game? By having a clear path and adjusting your mindset.Here’s what I recommend to keep up your momentum.

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What I found to be the Most Important Asset in Business (and life).

Just to give you a little context, I’m not sitting on top of a multi-million dollar empire. We’re a team of eight insanely talented individuals who crush so hard our clients think there’s a hundred of us. I still tend to eat chicken that might be a little too old to be eaten, and survival on cashews on walnut is something I’m pretty good at these days. Don’t worry, I’m not malnourished or impoverished — I just tend to be a little over-practical in some areas of my life. My point is, the bootstrapping is real.

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