3 Videos That Will Get Your Head Straight Any Day of The Week

I'm not one to ever YouTube binge but I thought I'd put something together for you that could help re-align your chi in just about 15 minutes.  Some of my favorite influencers will help you keep a positive mindset, make small changes that equal huge results, and double down on your strengths. Enjoy!

Connor McGregor on Self-Belief and Positivity

Everyone's favorite UFC might come off as a loud mouth but this video shows his soft side, and the secret to his success. 

Tony Robbins and the Power of Small Changes

Tony reminds us that huge results come from small changes in our daily routines. Change what you focus on to change what you get out of life. 

Gary Vaynerchuk and Self-Awareness

The social media guru gets real and explains success comes when you understand what you're great at and what your weaknesses are. 

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