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My 5 Principles of Management

I believe I’ve found some success so far and although my career is far (far, far, far) from over, I’ve developed my own set of principles for managing a team. There are tons of nuances when it comes to management and I could probably write dozens of ‘rules’ I have for managers (and trust me, I will) but for the sake of 5-minute readability I’ve listed out those I believe encompass my overall approach.

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5 Things You Can do Every Day in 2017 to Change Our Social Landscape

We all want to get back in the gym.  We all want to travel more, double down on our passions, and find that special someone.  

Look, all that stuff is on my list of 'to dos' in 2017, too but I'd like to change gears a little bit. Instead of thinking inward, let's shift our focus outward.  What are some real changes we can make that will not only make us happier, but better the lives of those around us?

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