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You are Not Your Instagram Bio

Everyone seems to be a founder and CEO.  Everyone seems to have some off the wall "Chief-something-or-another" on their business card these days. They're a networking mastermind, an entreprneur a social media expert or whatever the hell else is the trending topic of the day. I don't unerstand the obessions with the titles. It's as if we need a business card or an Instagram bio to validate our signficance in the world.  It's crazy. 

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8 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs That Don’t Include “Waking Up Early”

Isn’t it weird that in a world where we seem to be working 24–7 it can still feel like you get nothing done? Days are flooded with emails, meetings, and push notifications and we’re still expected to meet deadlines. As the world becomes more connected, pushing us to work odder hours, managing our time has to be at the top of our ‘to-do lists’.

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Cutting Costs: A Guide to Your First Year as an Entrepreneur

Just to clarify, I’m not in the business of raising capital. I can’t say I never will be, but as of the moment of this post, I’m not. The business I started is not based on user acquisition, and I don’t have a 5 year exit strategy. I have a weird feeling that If you’re reading this, neither do you.

I started a service-based business, which is not exactly something that’s going to make me the next Zuckerberg, and definitely not the next Spiegel.

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