5 Social Media Tactics That Are Helping Me Build Stronger Connections

For those of you that may not know, one of my core responsibilities at 7twelve Marketing is to make sure the company is on top of their social media game. If you’re building a personal brand, a community manager for an existing comapny, or simply looking to create your own community, this article is for you. Here are some social media tactics that are allowing me to build stronger communities and deeper connections with my audience.

I’m Using the ‘Mute’ Function on Twitter.

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking to engage in some old-school Twitterverse conversation but you’re tired of the firehose of content on your timeline. Cut through the noise Twitter’s ‘shouters’ by visiting their profile, clicking the gear, and clicking ‘mute’. You can still check in any time to see if they’re posting anything you want to engage with, but you’ll keep the content flood off your timeline. This will help you find users that are looking to chat more easily on your timeline.

I’m Loading Up on (the right) Hashtags.

I’m seeing one of two things on almost every account I come across: 1) users are not taking advantage of the fact that you can use up to 30 hashtags 2) hashtags are being used that won’t grow your account. Be sure to load up on the correct hashtags (i.e. location, industry, subject matter, etc). There is a sweet science to hashtagging, and if you’re looking to grow your accounts, be sure to do it correctly.

Hack: put your tags in notes, then add them as a comment to hide them on your posts.


I’m scrolling through my own feed.

Remember that social media is supposed to be social. Don’t forget to engage in what your community is interested in. If you’re on social media for business, this will help create a real connections and strengthen your brand. Get personal, strike a conversation in the comments. Gain loyal fans, and make new friends at the same time. This works really well on Snapchat, a lot of cool conversations are happening in the DM.

I’m Telling Stories in My Captions.

Taking a little time to add a short story or blog to my Instagram photos has really helped spark conversation, and even more laughs. Whether your managing a company page or your personal brand, this is a powerful way to add context to your posts and keep your audience engaged. Not to mention, this is a great way to drop subtle hints about what you’re up to without being too salesy.


I’m super consistent with Snapchat.

Find a way to tell your story on Snapchat. Whether it’s creating a character with face-recognition filters, using the captions instead of photos to get your point across, or sharing simple food & beverage recipes with your audience, be sure to post regularly. Why? Because Snapchat stories are organized in chronological order. So, the newer your snap, the higher it is on your audience’s feed.

Remember, be authentic and have fun.

Managing social media communities is a full time job, so you have to love it and you really have to care about your audience to get any results. Stay true to who you are, have your goals in mind and post with positivity.

Grumpy Miqk Makes an appearance on  Snapchat  from time to time. 

Grumpy Miqk Makes an appearance on Snapchat from time to time. 


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